New Construction and Remodels


Cooper Plumbing in Dane County has the equipment and knowledge necessary to install plumbing for new construction projects and remodels. We are family-owned and operated having served Verona for three generations, and we know what our community needs when it comes to plumbing. Our trusted plumbing professionals properly consult and advise you on every project, providing solutions and implementing them with ease.

Your new build needs the plumbing essentials to be installed quickly and with ease to make construction go smoothly. Our team is timely, experienced, and equipped for any job. Whether it’s a brand new home or remodeling the bathroom, Cooper Plumbing has you covered. We take care of everything from toilet installations, piping, kitchen sinks, outdoor faucets, personalized plumbing solutions, and more. The plumbing in your new build needs to work right from the get-go to avoid future problems and truly accommodate every client. Work with a plumber you can trust when you work with us. We are licensed and insured in Wisconsin so we can properly inspect plumbing for safety, install pipes easily, and make any job easier.

Ready to install new plumbing in your new construction build or remodeler? Contact Cooper Plumbing in Verona, Wisconsin today. We have been Dane County’s trusted plumber for three generations. Carry on the legacy and call us today!

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