Why DIY Water Heater Installation Is a Bad Idea

Why DIY Water Heater Installation Is a Bad Idea

Do-it-yourself projects can be fun and rewarding, but when it comes to water heater installation, there are several concerns that should give you pause. To avoid any potential risks or problems, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional plumbing company instead, such as Cooper Plumbing in Verona, WI. Read on to discover four reasons why, then contact us for a free estimate!

An experienced plumber working on a modern water heater

Experience and Expertise

Water heater installation is a complex job that requires a deep understanding of Verona’s local building codes and regulations, as well as specific knowledge of the types of water heaters available. Whether you’re looking for a traditional water heater or a tankless water heater, Cooper Plumbing has the skill and professionalism to install your water heater quickly and correctly, ensuring that it works without issue for years to come.

A plumber working on the gas lines leading into a water heater


DIY water heater installation can be extremely dangerous. High temperatures, high pressures, gas lines, and electrical components are just some of the hazardous attributes you’ll have to contend with. If not done properly, these hazards can put you, your family, and your home at risk. That’s why you should hire a trusted local plumber with the training and skill set needed to install your water heater without putting anyone in harm’s way.

A plumber going over an invoice with a satisfied client

Time and Cost Savings

Do you really want to spend your weekend sweating? Not only is installing a water heater on your own exhausting and time-consuming, but it will also likely cost you more in the long run once things go wrong. Skip the hassle of repeated trips to the hardware store — instead, choose Cooper Plumbing, where we offer timely and affordable plumbing services in Verona.

A plumber testing a water heater

Warranty Preservation

Many water heaters come with manufacturer warranties to help cover the cost of repairs and replacements in the future. However, if you attempt to install your water heater by yourself, you may accidentally void its valuable warranty. Our professional plumbers know exactly how to avoid this, so we can install your new water heater while protecting your peace of mind.


If you want your home’s water heater to be installed safely, efficiently, and affordably, there’s only one team to call. Get in touch with Cooper Plumbing today and discover why we’re the go-to plumbing company in Verona!

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