Save Time and Money with a SnowMelt Driveway

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Save Time and Money with a SnowMelt Driveway

It's winter time and you are probably already dreading the long hours of shoveling your driveway or upcoming cost of snow removal. But there is hope! You can save yourself some time and money by installing a snow melt system to remove that pesky snow from your property. Now there are pros and cons to heated driveways compared to the old fashion shovel that we're going to review so you can make an educated decision as to what's best for you and your driveway.

Home in winter with clear driveway

Automatically melting your snow will give you more time to do things you enjoy.

Sometimes shoveling is a nice way to get outside and the blood flowing. But after the second or third snowfall of the year it gets pretty annoying and as winter gets colder, especially annoying. Stop worrying about how you clear the snow out of your way and install a heated driveway. It's like a heated floor but for the outdoors. They've been around for a quite a while now because they're amazing and allow homeowners to spend their time doing anything better than freezing and sweating in the frigid temperatures.

Man shoveling snow from driveway

Snow shoveling lead to slip and falls

We all know AT LEAST one person who slipped and fell, sometimes really hurting themselves as a cause of shoveling that pesky snow off their driveway. I would guess that thousands of Wisconsinites slip and fall each year from shoveling snow and some do lead to severe injuries and head trauma. So, practice safety first, save yourself time from being injured or in the hospital and get you and your loved ones a heated driveway.

Snow melt ice on driveway

Reduce the use of salt

Salt is bad for everything except for food and sore throats. Heated driveways allow you to reduce the use of salt on your property and will preserve your driveway long term. As salt seeps into cracks or crevasses it attracts water which freezes, expands and... well we all know what happens next. It also easily is tracked into your home especially if it's the last thing you walk on before entering. A heated driveway saves you time from cleaning up those nasty white salt stains off your floor. Keep your home tidy and driveway looking great for years to come with a nice warm snowmelt driveway.

House with clear driveway during winter

They can save you money

If you pay for snow removal you pay a pretty penny each session or season to have a snow free driveway. Heated driveways do require some maintenance and an up front cost but the system should be thought of like a furnace and your heating system in your home. Meaning, you should get 20 years out of it before having to replace major components. So do the math and calculate the cost for snow removal multiplied by 20 years. Compare that to the cost of a heated system while factoring in what your time is worth and heated driveways will be the best option almost every time.

In summary, heated driveways are a great investment. They remove the need for shoveling your driveway and reduce slip and fall incidents by removing snow from your property. Heated driveways can save you money on snow removal services as well as salt usage. These are the reasons many fellow Wisconsinites are getting snowmelt and heated driveways installed. If you're interested in the option of a heated driveway, give the experts at Cooper Plumbing a call for a free estimate. Cooper Plumbing is located in Verona, Wisconsin and is a 3rd generation family owned business, serving all of Dane County residents.

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